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Following the recent appeal from our Charity Steward W Bro. Allan Jones asking for lodge members support in continuing to donate money during the Covid-19 pandemic the sections below enable you to make donations using your debit/credit cards or paypal account. You can still make payments via direct transfer from your bank account in the normal way by making payments to the Lodge charity bank account, the details of which have been circulated by W Bro. Allan however, in order for the lodge to be able to collect the 25% Gift Aid Support you do need to fill in the form below and use the 'Make A Donation' section if this is your preferred payment option.



I wish Gift Aid to apply to my donation and I confirm that I will in this tax year (06 April to 05 April) and amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains tax at least equal to the amount that all charities to which I will reclaim for this year. I understand that Council Tax and VAT do not apply.

I wish to donate the following amount:

I accept that by entering an 'X' in this box I am electronically providing my signature

Please enter an 'X' in the box below

Please also apply Gift Aid to all future donations from me until I advise you otherwise

After completing the section above please click the 'Submit' button before going to the 'Make a Donation' button below

Your content has been submitted

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